Special Events


Special Events

Yacht America  ——————————————

The Yacht America is a $6 million second replica of the 19th century racing yacht that won the original America’s Cup in 1851 around the Isle of Wight. Built in 1995, its shining black hull, massive sails and polished timers will command envious attention out on the bay during the racing. Guests aboard the Yacht America will enjoy the luxuriousness of a contemporary vessel originally designed during Queen Victoria’s reign. Capacity 76 persons.


The Leight Star  ——————————————

A very fast, world-class power yacht measuring 143 feet, equipped with full galley, four special viewing decks and an elegant cabin interior, which
showcases the ultimate in modern yachting luxury and refinement. Capacity of 50 persons.



Forbes Island  ——————————————

One of San Francisco’s extreme fantasy destination experiences, with above and below water viewing and elegant white sand patios showcasing exceptional views of the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Capacity 100 persons.


The Potomac  ——————————————

Welcome aboard! The “Floating White House” was originally commissioned the USCG Cutter Electra in 1934. Straight out of American history, the personal yacht of President Franklin Roosevelt is handsomely festooned with luxury features of a bygone era and easily accessed at San Francisco’s
waterfront. Capacity of 120 persons.


The Franciscan Restaurant  ——————————————

This restaurant is one of the San Francisco’s most-adored iconic spots and a major destination for visitors wanting to engage in a piece of San
Francisco history on Fisherman’s Wharf. With high ceilings and 20-foot windows, this venue provides unmatched viewing opportunities and is universally rated as one of San Francisco’s best viewing platforms and seafood experiences.



McKormick and Kuleto’s ——————————————
Ghirardelli Square

At a height of 200 feet overlooking this incredible expanse of the San Francisco waterfront, this venue is considered ground zero not only for culinary excellence and ambiance but exceptional unrestricted panoramas of San Francisco Bay from the shoreline to the horizon.Capacity of 500 persons.


Picture the scene:
You’re on San Francisco Bay relaxing aboard a world-class yacht that makes its home in S.F. As you look portside, you gaze up at the Golden Gate Bridge in all its glory as the sun shines on its northern tower. In one hand, you hold a glass of your favorite Napa Valley wine. In the other, an hors d’oeuvre that was prepared by a top chef. Just off the bow is all of the action. You look out in amazement as you cheer on your team as it passes, cutting through the San Francisco Bay’s notorious windswept water en route to the 34th America’s Cup title. It’s an exhilarating experience that you’ll never forget…

The 2013 America’s Cup races take place this summer on the picturesque San Francisco Bay – the world’s largest natural-view arena – and Events By Corsi is there every step of the way to provide boat-loving aficionados with the finest upscale viewing and participation experience during the world’s most-coveted waterway extravaganza.

For more than 160 years now, the America’s Cup has been considered the premier boating competition. From its humble beginnings during a blustery day in 1851 when an exceptionally fast schooner named America, racing in the waters on the south coast of England, tore past the English entry, a boat named The Royal Yacht, to unseat Great Britain as the undisputed ruler of the seas, the America’s Cup has left an enduring legacy of excitement. The 2013 America’s Cup continues on that path, but at breakneck speed as the wing-sailed catamarans used today are capable of reaching double the wind speed, often exceeding 40 knots (46 mph).

Simply put, the quest for the silver trophy cup is one of the most exhilarating in all of sports, and continues to soar in popularity. The America’s Cup is now broadcast around the world, with an audience of more than 400 million watching and cheering their favorite teams. Events By Corsi is proud to host, produce and manage unparalleled spectator opportunities in San Francisco for this historic event.

The America’s Cup brings together not only the world’s finest yachtsmen, but the best in international sailing, design and boat building to compete in the summer of 2013. It’s a must-see event that Events By Corsi can capture in its brilliant regal splendor.

The 2013 America’s Cup season includes 55 non-stop days of exciting boat racing action around the San Francisco Bay in the Louis Vuitton Cup (July 4-Aug. 30), America’s Cup World Series (Aug. 21-26, Oct. 2-7), the Red Bull youth America’s Cup (Sept. 1-4) and the America’s Cup Finals (Sept. 7-21). Four tightly knit competitive teams in the America’s Cup Finals will take up the challenge against Oracle Team USA, the defender, led by Russell Coutts and James Spithill – the youngest captain to win the America’s Cup.  

Events By Corsi brings all of the excitement together with attractive viewing options along and on San Francisco’s vast waterfront and bundles it with world-class cuisine and tech-savvy capabilities to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience where enthusiasts can enjoy the world’s premier boat races in luxury, style and unsurpassed elegance. Events By Corsi gives boating enthusiasts luxurious,  first-rate seating – from start to finish – and  compliments it with extraordinary foods and fine wines.

When choosing Events By Corsi, viewers of the America’s Cup races have several exciting options to choose from to ensure an optimum experience and superior event access.

They include:













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